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My Review of Cat Playpen

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Cats are one of the most playful pets, so why not treat them to a Cat Playpen by Midwest® Homes for Pets? Designed with cats and owners in mind, the three benches provide a variety of places to lounge, and the slide-out floor pan makes your life that much easier! The collapsi...

Great for our elderly cat

By Rae from East Tennessee on 11/2/2009


4out of 5

Pros: Safe, Lightweight, Effective

Best Uses: Lighter-weight cats, Home Safety

Describe Yourself: Long-time Pet Owner

We purchased this cat "playpen" for our 18½-year-old cat who recently began messing in the house when he's unattended. This seems to be a good way to confine kitty while we are out; any messes he makes are in the cage.

The cage is well constructed and sturdy when assembled. However it did take 3 adults to put it together. It would be possible to assemble with two people, but nearly impossible to do it alone I think.

The biggest issue we noticed after kitty's first night in the crate was the noise. Due to the way the shelves and bottom are made, they rattle when the animal moves from shelf to shelf. We did some thinking and came up with a solution: we were able to sandwich thin bubble wrap or thin "foamy" packing material sheets between the plastic and metal parts of the shelves and tray at the bottom. It was a great solution! We hear very little noise now.

The cage has plenty of room for a litterbox in the bottom, although we are bungee-cording the box to the frame as kitty moves it around quite a bit.

We have three cats. The eldest, the one for which the crate is intended, is about 7 pounds. Our medium cat is around 9-10 pounds. Our heaviest cat is 15+ pounds and seems like he would be too heavy for the shelves. There are no sturdiness issues with the other cats.

I believe this has been a good purchase and will keep us from having to board kitty when we go away for a couple of days; we'll be able to leave him alone with little supervision.

Jack checks out the top shelf with included cusion


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Our middle-sized cat Jack in the cage.


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